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For how many years are designs protected in Turkey?

Designs are protected for five years from the date of the application; however it may take up to 25 years by renewing the application in every 5 years.

In how many ways a design application can be filed?

There are two ways to file a design application in Turkey: -Conventional single or multiple design application -Application through Hague Agreement

Is it necessary to file POA (Power of Attorney) in the application?

Yes. If the POA could not be submitted together with the filing petition, it should be sent within two months as from the date of the notification.

Is it possible to defer the publication of a design?

Yes. There is a possibility of deferring the publication of a design up to 30 months from the date of priority/filing of the application.

Is it possible to file multiple design applications?

Yes, provided that the intention is written in the filing petition and each design has respective visual representations, there is a possibility of filing multiple design applications in Turkey.

Is there any examination system for designs in Turkey?

No. TPI (Turkish Patent Institute)does not conduct an examination procedure for design application in Turkey.

What does industrial design protection cover?

Design protection cover features such as line/drawing, form, shape, colour, texture, elasticity, material or other characteristics perceived by the human senses in appearance in whole or part of a product or its ornamentation.

Who is entitled to obtain industrial registration in Turkey?

Any natural and legal persons who accommodate or have industrial or commercial establishments in Turkey, or persons who are entitled to file applications under the provisions of Paris Convention. Bern Convention or the Agreement Establishing Worl Trade Organization.

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