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Industrial Design in Turkey

 The protection of designs in Turkey is regulated by the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, which entered into force on January 10th, 2017. Turkey is also a party to the Locarno Agreement relating with the international classification of industrial designs as of 30.11.1998 and Hague Agreement (Geneva Text) for International registration of designs as of 01.01.2005. After the implementation of the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, novelty examination is carried out for design applications and in case Turkish Patent and Trademark Office considers that the design application is novel at first instance, the application is published for opposition purposes. The regulations also impose the necessary arrangements for application of multiple designs and deferment of publication.

Design Registration in Turkey


An industrial design application in Turkey is filed by your Turkish IP Attorney upon receipt of the Required Documents. Application form to be filed to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office will reflect the necessary particulars you have provided.

Once a design application is filed, the TURKPATENT accepts the application and publishes it for possible oppositions. Natural or legal persons may oppose to the registration of a design application within three months of the publication of the design in the Official Industrial Designs Bulletin as far as the novelty and the individual character of the said design(s) are concerned.

If no opposition is filed during publication, an official notification regarding the registration decision of the Turkish Patent is received and the industrial design registration certificate is issued which is to be checked and forwarded to you immediately upon receipt from the Turkish Patent and protection survives five years as from the filing date.

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Design Renewal in Turkey

The protection of a registered design in Turkey survives five years as from the filing date of the design application.
A registered design in Turkey can be protected for a maximum term of 25 years on the condition that the extension fees are paid for consecutive periods of 5 years. An application for renewal in Turkey must be filed during the last 6 months preceding the expiration of the protection period. If an application is not filed within the above mentioned six month period, the industrial design may still be renewed within the 6 months following the expiration date, by paying a fine.

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