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Intellectual Property Investigations

 Acar IP also specializes in providing Intellectual Property investigations for brand owners, Law firms and Trade Mark Attorneys.
We provide clients with the assistance to protect their brands and to ensure that prior to launching a brand they are not going to infringe anyone else’s IP rights in Turkey.
We undertake many different types of investigation and research projects that are tailor made for clients, although most of our work falls into the following categories:

Anti Counterfeiting Investigations in Turkey
Investigations to obtain evidence and identify individuals, groups and entities at the source of counterfeit or infringing products.

Verification of Use Enquiries in Turkey
Investigations to establish the use of a registered trademark in the Turkey, EU or worldwide. Also known as a trademark in use or non use investigation.

Company Investigations in Turkey
Investigations that will provide information on the trading activities, size and scope on any given company (Limited or not).

Parallel Trade Investigations in Turkey
Investigations to identify the source of diverted product and unauthorized internal activity.

Common Law Searches in Turkey
Research investigations to establish the common law rights associated with a particular mark or phrase.

Trade Fair Monitoring in Turkey
Acar Patent, can conduct surveys of trade shows to establish infringement of products or to obtain supply chain infringements.

Internet Investigations in Turkey
Investigations to establish the details of individual or entities behind a website and the scope of their activities.

Sample Purchases and Signage Photographs in Turkey
Acar Patent, can conduct anonymous sample purchases of products from companies and websites throughout the world.

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