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Domain Names


A domain name can be registered from one to 5 years where upon completion of the protection period it can be renewed from one to 5 years with the payment of the respective renewal fee.Companies, which are not actively condufsdcting business in our jurisdiction, can register domain name since no local presence is mandatory. Non-citizens of the Republic of Turkey may register a domain name; there is no need for physical existence.

The administration of the country code top level domain of “com.tr” is handled by the Middle EastTechnical University (METU) in Turkey. Please Contact Us for the application of the top level domain name registrations in Turkey.

New Plant Varieties


Acar Intellectual Property assists clients from drafting the application till registration of plant varieties.

In Turkey, The Law No: 5042 pertaining to the Plant Breeder’s Right has entered into force on January 15, 2004 and the registration proceedings have been carried out by the General Directorate of Protection and Control which is authorized body operating under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

With the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act, it is possible for plant breeders’ to legally protect new varieties of reproduced plants. In order to obtain protection the plant variety should be new, distinctive, stable and uniform.

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Integrated Circuit Topographies


In Turkey, the current regulation is based on the Act No. 5147 inforce as from April 30, 2004 and on its Implementing Regulation pertaining to the protection of the integrated circuit topographies in Turkey.

The object of said Act is to protect the integrated circuit topographies in with the aim to ensure a situation of competition and industrial development in this field.

Protection of integrated circuit topographies starts with the application on condition that the application is filed within two years from the date when the integrated circuit topography has been firstly put on the market with the aim of commerce in Turkey or abroad by the right owner or the third person with his consent in situations that mentioned date when it is put on the market or it is not put on the market as commercial and the protection is finished with the expiration of 10th year as of the filing date.

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Operating certificate

– Tax board
– Sample Trademark
– Power of attorney (Only needed when the application are done by proxy)

The Documents Needed for the Trademark Registration Applications for the Real Persons:
– Turkish Republic Identification Number
– Sample Trademark
– Power of attorney (Only needed when the application are done by proxy)
The patent document of an invention patent application is required to be taken. Patent application is the only institution with the authority to provide the patent in Turkey is the Turkish Patent Instıtute.

That it is made a research before admission has a series the paramount importance of the inventor. Because, the research will eventually get the opportunity to make some changes about peace. In this way, the application will be less likely to be rejected by TPTO. Patents suggested that patents questioning work to be done before the applications are among the services which we prove as Acer patent. You can obtain information whether is eligible to receive a patent for the invention under similar discoveries in questioning as a result. Also among the documents that are required for the registration of a patent application the description, claims and drawings are examined in detail by TPTO.

The preparation work on a document that reflects the nature with the invention, you can full benefit from the services of our company.

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