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Does Turkey adhere to Nice Classification System?

Turkey adhered to Nice Classification System on 12 July 1995 under the Decree Law no. 556.

How long is the protection period for trademarks in Turkey?

A trademark is protected for 10 years in Turkey. The renewal may be filed prior to 6 months before the expiration of ten years protection or within the subsequent six months with a fine after the completion of protection.

Is it possible to conduct Trademark Availability Search in Turkey?

There are two ways to conduct trademark availability search in Turkey: Either in form of Official search or private Computer search. Official search is conducted by TPI, the results of which arrive approximately in 10 days. If urgent search is required, this can be done through unofficial search and it may take up to 3-6 business days.

Is it possible to file both goods and services under one trademark ?

Yes. If one application covers goods and/or services in more than one class, according to the Nice Classification during the application they should be specified by taking into consideration the national sub-classification system.

Is Turkey member of Madrid Agreement/ Protocol?

Turkey has been a member of Madrid Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement, since 1 January 1999.

What are the advantages of conducting trademark availability search?

Conducting trademark availability search before application saves time and money for the applicant since he will be able to know his chances for registration before the application and make the best decision beforehand with the assistance of related intellectual property experts.

What are the criteria for a trademark to be registered in Turkey?

 All kinds of signs such as words, personal names, designs, numerals, letters, shape of the goods, packaging that can be represented graphically, be published by printing.

Who is entitled to have trademark registration in Turkey?

Any natural and legal persons who accommodate or have industrial or commercial establishments in Turkey, or persons who are entitled to file applications under the provisions of Paris Convention.

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